Motion 5 - Optical Flow Retiming

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Optical Flow Retiming

When you retime footage, Motion stores the retiming files on your computer. This setting
in the Cache pane of Motion Preferences specifies the storage location.

Save Retiming Files:

You can choose to store the files in the same location as the source

footage or specify your own location.

In folder with source media: Click this button to save the retiming files in the same

location as the source footage.

In this folder: Click the Choose button to specify where the optical flow retiming files

are stored. By default, the Optical Flow folder is located in the
/Users/username/Documents/Motion Documents/Retiming Cache Files/ folder.

Delete Retiming Cache:

Click the Delete Retiming Cache button to delete any optical

flow retiming files and reset any objects with optical flow to frame blending. An alert
dialog appears to confirm that you want to remove all retiming files.

Reveal in Finder:

Click the Reveal in Finder button to show the location of the retimed

file folder in the Finder.