Motion 5 - Autosave

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These settings in the Cache pane of the Preferences window control how frequently
projects are saved, as well as the location of the saved files. Saved projects are
time-and-date stamped.

Use Autosave Vault:

When this checkbox is selected, Motion stores autosaved projects

to the location specified by the Autosave Vault Folder path. By default, the Autosave Vault
folder is located in a folder called Motion Projects in the Movies folder of your home

Save a copy every:

Specifies how often, in minutes, a project is saved.

Keep at most:

Specifies how many versions of the autosaved project to store in the vault.

Maximum of:

Specifies the maximum number of autosaved projects to store in the vault.

Autosave Vault Folder:

The Choose button allows you to set where the Autosave files

are kept. The Reset button sets the Autosave location back to its default.