Motion 5 - General 3D

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General 3D

This area of the 3D pane in Motion Preferences lets you control the Inset view and choose
whether new groups default to 2D or 3D mode.

Display Inset View:

A pop-up menu that lets you control when the Inset view (a temporary

window that displays a camera view) appears in the Canvas. Inset View must be enabled
in the View menu or View pop-up menu (in the upper-right corner of the Canvas) for the
Inset view to appear.

On Transform Change: The Inset view appears when adjusting an object’s transform

parameters, such as position, rotation, or scale.

On All Changes: The Inset view appears when making adjustments specific to an object,

such as adjusting the parameters of a replicator, in the HUD or Inspector.

Manually: When this option is selected, the Inset view is displayed all the time.

Inset view

Inset View Size:

Use the slider to adjust the size of the Inset view.

Default New Group Type:

Use this pop-up menu to specify whether new groups are

created as 2D or 3D groups. When set to Automatic, Motion determines the type of group
that is created based on the project. For example, when Automatic is selected and you
are working in a 3D project, new groups are 3D. If you are working in a 2D project (no
camera), new groups are 2D.