Motion 5 - Unstabilize Workflow

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Unstabilize Workflow

This section provides a basic overview of using the Unstabilize tracking behavior to reapply
camera shake or movement into a finished clip.

The Unstabilize behavior’s sole function is to apply movement recorded by a Stabilize
behavior to a clip or object. This allows you to match the camera movement from a
background clip to foreground elements, or to unstabilize a stabilized clip.

Note: A project must include a Stabilize behavior with recorded motion data before you
can use the Unstabilize behavior.

To use the Unstabilize behavior


Select the object to unstabilize, then choose Motion Tracking > Unstabilize from the Add
Behavior pop-up menu in the toolbar.

The behavior is added. If a Stabilize behavior (that has completed an analysis) is present
in the project, the Stabilize data is applied to the Unstabilize behavior.


Chapter 22

Motion Tracking

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If you don’t want to use the automatically selected Stabilize behavior, do one of the

• In the HUD or Behaviors Inspector, choose a Stabilize behavior from the Action pop-up

menu at the right of the Source well.

• Drag an analyzed tracking behavior to the Source well in the HUD or Behaviors Inspector.

The motion is applied to the destination object.