Motion 5 - Deleting Bad Keyframes in the Keyframe Editor

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Deleting Bad Keyframes in the Keyframe Editor

You can delete bad tracking keyframes in the Keyframe Editor.

To delete bad tracking keyframes


Position the playhead at the frame where you want to retrack the reference pattern.


In the Keyframe Editor, drag to select the keyframes you want to delete.

If the Keyframe Editor is not visible, click the Show/Hide Keyframe Editor button in the
bottom-left corner of the Motion project window.


Control-click in the Keyframe Editor, then choose Cut from the shortcut menu (or press


In the Canvas, drag the tracker to the reference point, then click Analyze.

New track keyframes are created.


Chapter 22

Motion Tracking

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Tip: When dealing with multiple problem trackers, you can turn off the trackers you are
not correcting to simplify the Keyframe Editor. Additionally, when fine-tuning tracks in
the Keyframe Editor, you can simplify what appears in the graph. The following image
displays all curves for a simple four-corner pin.

To solo a curve, Option-click the parameter’s checkbox in the Keyframe Editor’s parameter