Motion 5 - Tracking Retimed Footage

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Tracking Retimed Footage

When working in a project that includes tracking and retiming tasks, use the following
guidelines for more successful results:

• Because the Motion tracker analyzes in a project’s frame rate, ensure that the frame

rate of the footage you plan to track matches the frame rate of the project. For example,
to track 24 frames-per-second (fps) footage, your project’s frame rate should be 24 fps.
When the tracking analysis is completed, retime the clip using the Retiming parameters
in the Media list or by using the Retiming behaviors.

• Do not retime the footage before the tracking analysis.

• Do not retime the footage, perform a tracking analysis, then retime the footage again.

This may adversely affect your track.

Note: To track a clip after it is retimed, export the retimed clip, then import it back into
your project before you perform the tracking analysis.