Motion 5 - Distorting the Edges

background image

Distorting the Edges

One last suggestion is to experiment with filters to stretch the edges of the image to fill
gaps. For example, you can experiment with the Scrape filter to stretch the edges of the
image. This solution is highly dependent on the type of image and may introduce other
image artifacts that may not be acceptable.

In the following image, a large border is created when the clip is stabilized.

Next, a Scrape filter is applied to the group in which the stabilized clip resides. The left
image shows the clip when the filter is applied to the group. At first, it does not appear
especially helpful. In the right image, the center and rotation of the filter are adjusted,
removing the black edge by stretching the right edge of the image.


For this technique to have any effect, the filter must be applied to the clip’s

group, not to the clip.

Note: You might need to select the Fixed Resolution checkbox in the Group Inspector to
ensure that the effect of the Scrape filter is not cropped.


Chapter 22

Motion Tracking