Motion 5 - Converting Tracks to Keyframes

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Converting Tracks to Keyframes

Tracking data recorded or referenced by the Match Move, Stabilize, or Unstabilize behavior
can be “baked” into keyframes on the transformed object. The tracking keyframes are
applied to the tracked object and the behavior is deleted. You can then modify the
animation curves in the Keyframe Editor.

Because the Analyze Motion behavior does not transform the image, analyzed tracks
cannot be converted into keyframes. However, a Match Move or Stabilize behavior that
references data from an Analyze Motion behavior can be converted into keyframes.

To convert a tracking behavior to keyframes


Select the Match Move, Stabilize, or Unstabilize behavior to convert.


Choose Object > Convert to Keyframes (or press Command-K).

A dialog appears confirming the conversion.


Click OK.

The behavior is converted into editable keyframes and the tracking behavior is deleted.

For more information on converting behaviors to keyframes, see

Converting Behaviors

to Keyframes

. For more information on using the Keyframe Editor, see

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