Motion 5 - Adjusting the Stabilize Behavior’s Track Region

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Adjusting the Stabilize Behavior’s Track Region

When stabilizing a clip, you can use the Track Region parameter to define an area to be
analyzed (isolating the stabilization to a limited area of the analyzed source). During
analysis, the area outside the region is ignored. Use this option for faster processing of a


Chapter 22

Motion Tracking

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To use the Stabilize behavior’s Track Region parameter


In the Stabilize parameters (in the Behaviors Inspector), select the Track Region checkbox.

A transparent red overlay appears in the Canvas.


Do one of the following:

• Drag in the region to change its position.

• Drag a handle to resize the region. The corner handles simultaneously resize width and

height; the top and bottom center handles resize height; the left and right center
handles resize width.

• Press Option while dragging a handle to resize the region from its center.

• Drag the rotation handle in the center of the region to change the angle of the region.

Track Region rotation


After defining the track region, click the Analyze button in the Behaviors Inspector.

Because analysis takes place in the defined track region, the clip is analyzed more quickly.