Motion 5 - Four-Corner Pinning with Match Move

background image

Four-Corner Pinning with Match Move

The Match Move behavior allows you to track four points on a background clip and apply
the recorded motion to the four corners of a foreground object. There are two basic
four-corner pinning workflows. In the first example, a foreground object is pinned to a
background element using the four-corner trackers. This workflow is useful when the
pinned image is the same size as the background reference patterns to be tracked. In the
second example, the foreground object is corner-pinned using onscreen controls before
applying the Match Move behavior. This method allows you to position, resize, and rotate
the foreground object to fit the background reference pattern.

Motion offers many tracking workflows because shots vary greatly, and tracking success
is unpredictable. Several tracking attempts are often required before a satisfactory track
is achieved.

Note: If one of the Match Move pinning options below doesn’t result in a successful track,
try four-point tracking using the Analyze Motion behavior or the Stabilize behavior. For
more information, see

Using a Non-Match Move Four-Point Track for Corner-Pinning


There are special considerations when corner-pinning groups. For more information, see

Tracking and Groups