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The Help menu provides access to resources for learning more about Motion.

Motion 5 Help: Opens the Motion 5 User Manual.

Service and Support: Opens a webpage that contains up-to-date technical support

information about Motion.


Chapter 4

Motion Menus

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Motion Preferences allow you to customize your workspace, tailor the interface for different
types of projects, and define the presets for new projects and exported finished movies.
The Motion Preferences window contains nine panes that group global settings according
to function: General, Appearance, Project, Time, Cache, Canvas, 3D, Presets, and Gestures.
To open the Motion Preferences window, choose Motion > Preferences (or press

This chapter covers the following:

General Pane

(p. 166)

Appearance Pane

(p. 168)

Project Pane

(p. 170)

Time Pane

(p. 172)

Cache Pane

(p. 173)

Canvas Pane

(p. 175)

3D Pane

(p. 177)

Presets Pane

(p. 179)

Gestures Pane

(p. 181)