Motion 5 - Working with Keyframes in the Timeline

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Working with Keyframes in the Timeline

When keyframing, it is often helpful to view your keyframes in the Timeline. This lets you
move keyframes to line them up with other important timing elements in your project
such as edit points, sound cues, markers, and even other keyframes. You can also view
keyframe parameters, and delete keyframes you don’t need.


To view keyframes in the Timeline


Turn on the Show Keyframes button (in the upper-right corner of the Timeline).

To identify a keyframe’s value


Control-click a keyframe in the Timeline and view its value in the shortcut menu.

Note: Multiple keyframes on the same frame are listed in the menu.

To view a Timeline keyframe in the Keyframe Editor


Control-click the keyframe in the Timeline, then choose Show in Keyframe Editor from
the shortcut menu.

The Keyframe Editor opens, showing the corresponding parameters in an “Untitled Set.”


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Keyframes and Curves