Motion 5 - Using the Transform Keyframes Tool

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Using the Transform Keyframes Tool

The Transform Keyframes tool allows you to drag a selection box around a number of
keyframes, then manipulate their positions by adjusting the handles of the selection box.

To draw a selection box using the Transform Keyframes tool


Select the Transform Keyframes tool (above the parameter list).

Keyframed parameters
before selection


In the graph area, drag to create a box enclosing the keyframes to manipulate.


Chapter 12

Keyframes and Curves

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A selection box with eight handles appears in the graph area.

Selection box handle

After you draw a selection box, you can manipulate the box and keyframes in several
ways. Drag a handle of the selection box to move the keyframes.


When transforming keyframes using the Transform Keyframes tool, by default

keyframes are adjusted in whole-frame increments. You can adjust keyframe in sub-frame
increments if the “Allow sub-frame keyframing” checkbox is turned on in the Time pane
of Motion Preferences. Sub-frame adjustments allow greater precision, but use the
Next/Previous Keyframe controls (or keyboard shortcuts) to move the playhead to
keyframes that are between frames. If you move a sub-frame-adjusted keyframe using
the pointer, the frame snaps to the nearest whole frame.

Transforming Keyframes

Repositioning the handles of the selection box is similar to dragging the handles of a
bounding box of an object. The difference in this case is that the transforms done by
moving these handles affect the selection box and the enclosed keyframes. Moving the
selection box moves the selected keyframes in whatever direction you move. As a result,
you can affect where the keyframes are positioned in time or you can affect their
parameter values, or both at the same time. Scaling the selection box scales the
keyframes in the selection box, changing their timing and parameter values.

Experiment with the selection box to see how manipulation affects the enclosed

To move the selection box


Drag inside the selection box to move the box and the enclosed keyframes.


Chapter 12

Keyframes and Curves

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Moving left and right repositions the keyframes in time, and moving up and down
increases and decreases the parameter values of the keyframes.

Note: No matter where you drag the box, only the keyframes selected by the original
box are manipulated, even if the repositioned box overlaps keyframes outside of the
original selection. To manipulate additional keyframes, redraw the selection box in the
graph area.

To scale the selection box relative to the handle opposite the one you’re dragging


Drag any handle to resize the selection box.

The selection box changes shape relative to the handle on the opposite side or corner
of the box, which remains locked in place.

To scale the selection box about its center


Hold down the Option key and drag a handle of the selection box.

Both sides of the box scale up or down around its center as you drag along the axes.

To deform the selection box asymmetrically


Hold down the Command key and drag a corner handle of the selection box.

Each corner handle moves independently of the other three corner handles of the selection

To deselect the selection box
Do one of the following:


In the Keyframe Editor, click once anywhere outside the selection box.


Choose the Edit Keyframes tool.

The selection box disappears.

Tip: You can also draw a new selection box outside of the old one to surround a different
group of keyframes.