Motion 5 - Generate Keyframes Command

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Generate Keyframes Command

Ordinarily, keyframe extrapolation occurs without creating keyframes. This lets you
experiment with various methods. However, you can convert an extrapolation method
into keyframes to further manipulate them. This is done using the Generate Keyframes
command. You can choose how many extrapolation cycles you want converted into
keyframes. Cycles after the number chosen remain in the extrapolated state.

Original keyframe graph

Repeat extrapolation applied

Generate Keyframes applied, set to one cycle


Chapter 12

Keyframes and Curves

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To convert extrapolation data into keyframes


In the Keyframe Editor’s Animation menu, choose Generate Keyframes from the Before
First Keyframe or After Last Keyframe submenu.

The Generate Keyframes dialog appears.


Choose the number of cycles to be keyframed.


Click OK to confirm your selection.