Motion 5 - Recording Options

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Recording Options

The Recording Options dialog allows you to adjust the Keyframe Thinning setting or to
disable recording during playback.

The Keyframe Thinning setting applies to recording animation while playing back. This
setting has no effect on ordinary keyframing.

To access Recording Options
Do one of the following:


Choose Mark > Recording Options (or press Option-A).


Double-click the Record button (under the Canvas).

The Recording Options dialog appears. Choose a thinning option, then click OK.

The Recording Options dialog contains the following options:

Keyframe Thinning:

Select one of three keyframe-thinning options:

Off: No thinning is applied. Keyframes are added at every frame where the parameter

is changed.


Chapter 12

Keyframes and Curves

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Reduced: Motion eliminates keyframes that can easily be replaced with a simple curve.

Peaks Only: Only keyframes with dramatic value changes are recorded.

Don’t record keyframes during playback:

Select this checkbox if you don’t want keyframes

to be recorded while the project is playing back.