Motion 5 - Handmade Motion in the Canvas

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Handmade Motion in the Canvas

A common use for animating on the fly is to create handmade animation paths. Although
you can choose various curve types, it is very difficult to simulate semirandom movement
except by sketching with a mouse or pen.

To create a handmade animation path in the Canvas


Enable Record (press A).


Click the Play button to begin playback.


Select the object to manipulate and drag it in the pattern of your choice.

The position and speed of your movement are recorded and applied to the position
keyframes for that object.

Keyframes close together indicate
slower movement.

Keyframes spaced far apart
indicate fast movement.

You can further manipulate the path by dragging individual keyframes, or re-recording
a new animation path for that object.


Chapter 12

Keyframes and Curves