Motion 5 - Final Cut Effect

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Final Cut Effect

When you apply an effect template in Final Cut Pro X, the effect is integrated into the
clip. For example, when a color-correction effect template that is 300 frames in Motion
is saved and applied to a 2,300-frame clip in Final Cut Pro, the resulting effect is
2,300 frames.


Chapter 11

Creating Templates for Final Cut Pro X

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Animated effect templates are also scaled according to the duration of the clip they are
applied to in Final Cut Pro. For example, if a template in Motion is 300 frames long, and
the placeholder layer is animated to rotate 360 degrees (one complete rotation) from
frames 0 to 300, when the template is applied to a 900-frame clip in Final Cut Pro, the
complete rotation is stretched to 900 frames.

You can override the timing adjustment in Final Cut Pro by applying markers to the
template in Motion. For example, to control frame-counting effects, such as Timecode
generators or grain effects, apply special markers to instruct Final Cut Pro when to play
specific ranges of the template. For more information, see

Adding Template Markers