Motion 5 - Final Cut Generator Template

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Final Cut Generator Template

The Final Cut Generator template contains no placeholder layers. In fact, the generator
template is nearly identical to any other Motion project. Add image layers and effects to
create a composition just as you would in a standard Motion project.

When you save the template in Motion, the generator effect is automatically exported
to the Final Cut Pro Generators Browser. There are two ways to apply a generator effect
in Final Cut Pro:

• Drag the generator above a clip (or clips) in the Timeline to the frame, compositing

the generator over the clip. The generator can span multiple clips in the Timeline.

• Add the generator to the main Timeline as a clip.

When added to the Final Cut Pro Timeline, the duration of the generator is the same as
the template created Motion. The generator has adjustable In and Out points in the
Final Cut Pro project.

Standard drop zones can be added to Final Cut Generator template. For more information
about drop zones, see

Drop Zones


Note: A standard Motion project can also be published as a generator in Final Cut Pro.
For more information, see

Publishing a Standard Motion Project as a Final Cut Pro X




Chapter 11

Creating Templates for Final Cut Pro X

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Placeholders Versus Drop Zones

Placeholders and drop zones can be scaled or transformed in templates to create certain
looks and movements. For example, you can create a picture-in-picture effect by adding
a drop zone to a template, scaling the drop zone down, then positioning it in a corner
of the Canvas. The difference between the placeholder and the drop zone lies in how
each is used in a Final Cut Pro project: When you apply a template in a Final Cut Pro
project, the target clip populates the placeholder, while drop zones remain empty until
you assign source media (in Final Cut Pro).

After you assign source media to a drop zone, you can use onscreen controls to pan or
scale the media within the drop zone. For more information on standard drop zones,

Drop Zones