Motion 5 - Final Cut Effect Template

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Final Cut Effect Template

The Final Cut Effect template contains one placeholder layer: Effect Source. Drag filters
and behaviors to the placeholder layer (the downward arrow graphic in the Canvas) to
create custom effects. Drag an image to the placeholder layer to preview the effect. When
you save the template in Motion, the template is automatically exported to the
Final Cut Pro Effects Browser.

In Final Cut Pro, apply the effect to a clip in the Timeline. (Images or clips used in the
Motion placeholder layer appear in the Effects Browser icon, but are not applied to the
clip in the Final Cut Pro Timeline.) The duration of the effect is determined by the length
of the Final Cut Pro clip it is applied to.

You can use template markers to control the timing of the sections of an effect template.
For more information, see

Working with Markers in Templates


You cannot delete the Effect Source placeholder from an effect template. Nor can you
create additional Effect Source placeholders. Although you can add more image layers
to an effect template (and have them appear in the applied effect in Final Cut Pro), it’s
not recommended. This template was designed for a single purpose: to apply one custom
visual effect to a Final Cut Pro clip.


Chapter 11

Creating Templates for Final Cut Pro X