Motion 5 - Collapsing and Uncollapsing Group Hierarchies

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Collapsing and Uncollapsing Group Hierarchies

Groups and layers in the Layers list appear in a hierarchy that shows which layers are
nested inside which groups. Nested layers and groups appear underneath and indented
to the right of the group they’re nested in.

To make the Layers list easier to manage, you can collapse all layers that appear nested
in a single group using that group’s disclosure triangle. Collapsed groups appear as a
single row in the list, and can be moved or nested like any other layer. Each group’s
thumbnail displays a preview of its composite, making it easy to see what’s nested inside.

To open or collapse a single group
Do one of the following:


Click the disclosure triangle to the left of that group’s name and icon.


Press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to navigate up and down the Layers list, then
press the Right Arrow key to open a group, or the Left Arrow key to collapse a group.


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