Motion 5 - Moving and Archiving Motion Project Files

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Moving and Archiving Motion Project Files

To move a Motion project file to another computer, you must also move all media that
the project uses, including all QuickTime, still image, and audio files. In addition, any
third-party Motion plug-ins or nonstandard fonts used in the project must be installed
on the new computer, or they’ll be unavailable to your project.

Similarly, when you finish a project and want to archive it, it’s a good idea to archive the
project file and all media, (especially media that wasn’t captured from a device-controllable
video or audio source), graphics, fonts, custom behaviors, filters, and third-party add-ons
used in the project. If you need to restore the project for later revisions, you’ll have
everything you need to get started quickly. If you have a recordable CD or DVD drive,
backing up your media is easy. For more information on copying files to a CD or DVD,
see Mac Help in the Finder Help menu.

The easiest way to collect all media for your project is to use the Collect Media feature.
For more information, see

Collecting Media


Note: If you move a project to another computer without collecting, its media can go
offline even though you’ve moved its media files with it. For more information on how
to relink media files to your project, see

Online Versus Offline Media