Motion 5 - Duplicating Files

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Duplicating Files

If you need more copies of an object in your project, use the Duplicate command or drag
a source media from the Media list to the Canvas or Timeline. Both methods create a new
instance of the source media. Another way to duplicate an object is to use the Make
Clone Layer command. For more information on the Make Clone Layer command, see

Making Clone Layers


In a project with duplicated layers, you can adjust the attributes of all duplicates
simultaneously by adjusting the source media’s parameters. You do this by selecting the
source media in the Media list, then modifying its parameters in the Media Inspector.
These parameters define the source media’s essential properties, including frame rate,
pixel aspect ratio, interlacing, and alpha channel parameters. There are also parameters
that allow you to define source media’s end condition, reversal, cropping, and timing.

For more information on Media parameters, see

Source Media Parameters