Motion 5 - Audio Files

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Audio Files

You can import many audio file formats into your project, including WAV, AIFF, .cdda,
MP3, and AAC. Although Motion is not a full-featured audio editing and mixing
environment such as GarageBand or Logic Pro, you can import music clips, dialogue, and
sound effects. If you import a QuickTime file with mono or stereo tracks of audio, the
audio appears in the Audio Timeline.


Chapter 6

Creating and Managing Projects

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You can import audio clips with various sample rates and bit depths. When you do, Motion
resamples audio tracks to the sample rate and bit depth used by your computer. The
default is 16-bit, 44.1 kHz float for the built-in audio interface. If you use a third-party
audio interface, audio is remixed to the sample rate and bit depth used by that device.

You can import audio files with sample rates up to 192 kHz and with bit depths up to
32 bits. Mono and stereo files are supported. Multichannel audio files are also supported.

For more information about file formats supported by Motion, see

Audio Formats

. For

more information on using audio in Motion, see

Working with Audio


A seamless way to browse for and import music from your iTunes library is to use the
Music category in the Motion Library. For more information, see

Adding iTunes and iPhoto

Files from the Library


Note: You cannot import rights-managed AAC files, such as non-iTunes Plus tracks,
purchased from the iTunes Store.