Motion 5 - Modifying Behaviors and Keyframes

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Modifying Behaviors and Keyframes

Objects in template-based projects are animated using a combination of behaviors and
keyframed parameters. These can be edited to customize the motion of the objects. For
more information on modifying behaviors, see

Working with Behaviors

. For more

information on modifying keyframes, see

Modifying Keyframes



Chapter 6

Creating and Managing Projects

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Using Objects, Behaviors, and Keyframes from Templates

Occasionally, you might want to use a keyframed parameter or behavior from a template
in a project of your own. You can create a template-based project, select the keyframes
or behaviors you want to use, copy them, and paste them into your own project.

All graphics objects used by the templates appear in the Content category of the Library,
in the Template Media subcategory. If there’s a graphic you want to use, you can find
it in the Library.