Motion 5 - Creating a Blank Motion Project

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Creating a Blank Motion Project

To create a project from scratch, select the Motion Project object in the Blank category
of the Project Browser, choose a video resolution, and click Open. A new, empty project
opens in the workspace, ready for you to add objects.

To create a project


Choose File > New (or press Command-N).


Chapter 6

Creating and Managing Projects

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If an unsaved project is open, Motion prompts you to save that project, or close it without

The Project Browser appears.


Select the Blank category in the sidebar, then click the Motion Project icon in the stack.


Choose a resolution from the Preset pop-up menu and a frame rate from the Frame Rate
pop-up menu in the right column, then click Open.

A new, untitled Motion project opens. The project is not saved to disk until you choose
a save command from the File menu. For more information on saving project files, see

Saving Projects