Motion 5 - Working with Text Glyphs

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Working with Text Glyphs

Using the Transform Glyph tool, individual text characters can be modified independently
of the word, line, or paragraph in which they are a member. You can choose the text
attributes to change or animate, including position, rotation, scale, face (color or fill),
outline, glow, or drop shadow.

In addition to modifying text characters independently of their group, you can transform
style attributes independently of the text character. For example, you can distort the drop
shadow or glow of a letter without affecting its face or outline. These transforms can be
applied using onscreen controls or the Four Corner parameter in the Style pane of the
Text Inspector.


Chapter 16

Creating and Editing Text

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When the Transform Glyph tool is selected and Attribute is set to Transform Glyph (in the
Text HUD), transform onscreen controls appear. These controls are identical to the 3D
onscreen transform controls. For more information on using these controls, see


Transform Onscreen Controls


The Attribute parameter is also available in the Sequence Text behavior, which allows
you to sequence any of the glyph effects through text. For more information on using
the Sequence Text behavior, see

Sequence Text Behavior