Motion 5 - Applying a Gradient to Text

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Applying a Gradient to Text

In the Inspector, you can apply a gradient fill to text. The gradient can be customized and
animated in the Gradient editor. For general information about working with gradients,

Using the Gradient Editor


Note: Text gradient controls are similar to gradient controls for shapes, particles, and
replicators, with a few exceptions. For example, text gradient controls include a dial to
specify the direction of a linear gradient. The shape gradient controls include Start and
End settings to specify the direction of a linear gradient. For more information on working
with gradients and shapes, see

Using Shapes, Masks, and Paint Strokes


Like preset text styles from the Library, preset gradients from the Library can be applied
to text. Gradient presets are located in the Gradients category of the Library. A custom
gradient that you apply to text can also be saved in the Library for use in future projects.

To apply a text gradient


Select the text.


In the Text Inspector, click Style.

The Style pane opens.


Choose Gradient from the “Fill with” pop-up menu.

In the Inspector, the Color controls are replaced with the Gradient editor. The default
gradient is white and blue (Atlantic Blue).

“Fill with” pop-up menu
is set to Gradient.

In the Canvas, the default gradient is applied to the text.


Chapter 16

Creating and Editing Text