Motion 5 - Creating a Text Margin

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Creating a Text Margin

You can create a custom margin using the Margin controls in the Layout pane of the Text
Inspector or by drawing a text bounding box in the Canvas.

For information on creating a text box using the Text tool, see

Adding Paragraph Text in

the Canvas


To create text margins in the Inspector


Select the Text tool, click in the Canvas, and enter some text.

By default, the text is set to Type in the Layout pane.

Note: Clicking the Text tool in the Canvas without dragging creates a blank text object.


Chapter 16

Creating and Editing Text

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In the Layout pane, set Layout Method to Paragraph.


Set margin values using the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom Margin sliders.


Press Esc or click the Select/Transform tool to select the text bounding box and exit
text-editing mode.