Motion 5 - Tab Controls in the Layout Pane

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Tab Controls in the Layout Pane

Motion allows paragraph-formatted text to contain an unlimited number of tabs to control
word spacing in text. By default, text created in Motion has no tabs, so there are no
controls in the Tabs section of the Layout pane. Adding, moving, and removing tabs is
done in the Canvas. You can also move tabs by modifying their values in the Inspector.
When a Rich Text Format (RTF) file is imported, tabs in the RTF file are retained in the
Motion project and appear in the Tabs section of the Layout pane.


Tab 0, 1, 2, and so on:

Lists the tabs in the paragraph, including their type and positions.

Tab type pop-up menu (unlabeled): Use this pop-up menu to set the tab to Left, Center,

Right, or Decimal.

Tab value slider (unlabeled): Use the value slider to adjust the position of the tab.

Tabs can also be added, moved, and removed in the Canvas. For more information on
working with tabs, see

Text Margin and Tab-Related Tasks



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Creating and Editing Text