Motion 5 - Drop Shadow Controls in the Properties Inspector

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Drop Shadow Controls in the Properties Inspector

In addition to the Canvas and HUD drop shadow controls, each layer has drop shadow
parameters in the Properties Inspector.

Use the activation checkbox beside the Drop Shadow category in the Inspector to turn
a selected layer’s drop shadow on or off. Click Show on the right side of the Drop Shadow
category to reveal additional controls.


Color controls that set the drop shadow’s color. The default color is black.


A slider that sets the drop shadow’s transparency.


A slider that specifies the drop shadow’s softness.


Chapter 7

Basic Compositing

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A slider that sets how close or far a layer’s drop shadow is to the layer. The

farther away a drop shadow is, the more distance there appears to be between the layer
and anything behind it in the composition.


A dial that lets you change the direction of the drop shadow. Changing the Angle

of the drop shadow changes the apparent direction of the light casting the shadow.

Fixed Source:

When this checkbox is selected, the drop shadow behaves as if cast by a

fixed light source, regardless of camera or text movement.


Your motion graphics projects might require you to perform special timing tricks on
media: speeding a clip up, slowing it down, or playing it back at different speeds. Use the
Timing controls in the Properties Inspector to modify speed and playback attributes of
media clips.