Motion 5 - Drop Shadows

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Drop Shadows

A drop shadow, by default, is a dark, translucent, offset shape that falls behind a layer, as
if a light were shining on the layer. Drop shadows are the same size as the layer to which
they’re applied, although blurring a drop shadow might enlarge it somewhat.

Drop shadows create the illusion of depth, so the foreground layer seems to pop out at
the viewer. For this reason, drop shadows are frequently used to create the impression
of space between two overlapping layers.

Drop shadows also darken overlapping regions of background layers. Consequently,
adding a drop shadow to foreground text can often make the text easier to read.

Without a drop shadow

With a drop shadow

Because each layer has drop shadow parameters in the Inspector and HUD, it’s easy to
add a drop shadow to a layer. After you add a drop shadow, you can manipulate it in the

Tip: Motion also has the ability to generate true cast shadows when using lighting in 3D
layers. For more information about cast shadows, see




Text layers have additional drop shadow parameters, located in the Style pane

of the Text Inspector. For more information about text layer drop shadows, see


a Drop Shadow



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