Motion 5 - Gestures in the Air

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Gestures in the Air

You can use gestures by swiping just above the tablet, without the tip of the pen touching
the tablet. Turn this feature on by selecting the “Allow gestures in the air” checkbox.


To use gestures in the air, you must set a pen button as the gesture trigger

input method, as well as set pen button 1 to Ignored in the Tool Buttons tab of the Wacom
Tablet application. For more information, see

Wacom Settings


To set up Ink Preferences


In the Gestures pane of Motion Preferences, click Open Ink Preferences.

The Ink Preferences appear.


Appendix D

Using Gestures

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For “Handwriting recognition is,” click the On option.

Turn handwriting
recognition on or off.

By default, a “whoosh” sound is played when gestures are drawn.

To disable the default gesture sound


Click the Options button in Ink Preferences.


In the Ink dialog, deselect “Play sound while writing.”

Turn “Play sound while
writing” on and off.