Motion 5 - DVCPRO 50

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A standard-definition codec used to capture video digitally from FireWire-enabled
DVCPRO 50-compatible camcorders and decks. Although it’s similar to the DV codec
because DVCPRO 50 is imported as YUV encoded video, it produces considerably higher
quality video because it uses less compression. (DVCPRO 50 uses a 3:3:1 compression
ratio, versus DV’s 5:1 compression ratio.) DVCPRO 50 also uses 4:2:2 color sampling for
high color fidelity, as opposed to DV’s 4:1:1 color sample rate. DVCPRO 50 has a fixed data
rate of 7 MB/sec.

Note: DVCPRO 50 movies do not support alpha channels.