Motion 5 - Creating Graphics for 2K and 4K Projects

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Creating Graphics for 2K and 4K Projects

Graphics and animations intended for digital cinema or film distribution are often created
at 2K or 4K resolution, depending on how a project is mastered. Both 2K and 4K resolutions
are square-pixel, progressive-frame formats, typically with a frame rate of 24 fps. To
determine the image dimensions for your sequence, follow the guidelines below.

Still image dimensions

Sequence preset

4096 horizontal x 2160 vertical


2048 horizontal x 1080 vertical



Appendix B

Video and File Formats

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Use keyboard shortcuts to streamline your work in Motion. The tables in this appendix
organize keyboard shortcuts by menu, component, and task. Some keyboard shortcuts
are always active, whether you are working in the group that they are listed in, while
other keyboard shortcuts are only active under special circumstances.

Note: Some keyboard shortcuts described in this appendix may conflict with system
commands assigned to the Mac OS X Finder.

The keyboard shortcuts listed in the following pages are the Standard Set of shortcuts
available in Motion. You can use the Command Editor to customize and save your own
keyboard shortcuts to create a set that works best for you. The Command Editor lets you
import and export saved sets, as well as duplicate a set of shortcuts to modify.

This appendix covers the following:

Enabling Function Keys on Portable Macintosh Computers

(p. 1428)

General Interface Commands

(p. 1428)

Motion Menu

(p. 1430)

File Menu

(p. 1430)

Edit Menu

(p. 1431)

Mark Menu

(p. 1432)

Object Menu

(p. 1433)

View Menu

(p. 1434)

Share Menu

(p. 1436)

Window Menu

(p. 1437)

Help Menu

(p. 1437)

Audio list

(p. 1438)


(p. 1438)

Transport Controls

(p. 1444)

View Options

(p. 1444)