Motion 5 - Groups and Rasterization

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About Rasterization






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• Turning on the Crop parameter

• Applying any filter

• Adding a mask

• Adding a light (if the 2D group the light is added to is nested in a 3D group)

The following operations on a 3D group trigger the rasterization of that group:

• Making blending changes

• Applying specific filters

For more information, see

Filters and Rasterization


• Adding a light to a 3D project with the Flatten parameter enabled (in the Group


When an operation triggers a rasterization on a group, the following occurs:

• A rasterization indicator (a small red box containing an “R”) appears next to the

parameter in the Properties Inspector.

Rasterization indicator

• A small outline surrounds the rasterized group in the Layers list and Timeline. This is

called a rasterization frame.

Rasterization frame

Note: Unlike vector graphics, rasterized 2D groups may lose quality when scaled if the
Fixed Resolution checkbox is selected in the Group Inspector.


3D particle emitters, 3D replicators, and nonflattened text objects are treated

as 3D groups for rasterization.


Appendix A

About Rasterization