Motion 5 - Sequence Text Behavior

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Sequence Text Behavior

The Sequence Text behavior allows you to animate text attributes, such as scale, position,
color, opacity, and glow in sequence through the text characters. For example, you can
create a sequence in which the text characters fall vertically into place as they scale down,
fade in, and rotate.

After applying the Sequence Text behavior to a text object, you must designate the
parameters of the text you want to animate. You do this in the Behaviors Inspector. After
you link the text parameters to the behavior, you can use the Sequence Text controls to
adjust the animation’s direction, speed, number of loops, and other qualities.

Tip: Using the Transform Glyph tool, you can modify individual text characters
independently of the influence of the applied sequence text behavior. For information
on using the Transform Glyph tool, see

Working with Text Glyphs



Chapter 17

Animating Text