Motion 5 - Preset Text Sequence Behaviors

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Preset Text Sequence Behaviors

As previously noted, Text Sequence behaviors are customized, preset versions of the
Sequence Text behavior in the Text Animation subcategory. (For more information on
the Sequence Text behavior, see

Sequence Text Behavior

.) Although behaviors in the

Text Sequence behavior subcategory are predefined, values can be modified and other
parameters added, or existing parameters can be removed. For example, the Awaken In
behavior (from the Basic group) animates text Opacity, Scale, and Rotation values (Format
parameters) by default. However, you can add a parameter, such as Position, to the

Text Sequence behaviors are applied to text objects in the same manner as other
behaviors. However, there is one big difference between the Text Sequence behaviors
and other behaviors in Motion: When added to text, Text Sequence behaviors do not last
the duration of the text. However, you can modify the default duration of the behavior
to slow down or speed up the effect of the animation.

As with all behaviors, you can save a modified behavior to the Library as a custom behavior.
For more information, see

Saving a Modified Text Behavior to the Library


Clicking a Text Sequence behavior in the Library stack plays the preset animation in the
preview area.


Chapter 17

Animating Text

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The following section discusses applying and customizing a preset behavior from the
Text Sequence category.