Motion 5 - Properties Affecting the Appearance of Lights

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Properties Affecting the Appearance of Lights

When you add lights to a scene, two groups of properties contribute to the appearance
of lights: light properties and object lighting properties. You can adjust light properties
by selecting a light object in the project and then modifying the parameter values in the
Light pane in the Inspector. You can manipulate object lighting properties by selecting
a nonlight layer in your project (an image, movie clip, shape, and so on) and then adjusting
the Lighting parameters in that object’s Properties pane.

Light properties—the quality of the light source itself—fall into the following categories:
the type of light, its intensity, and its color. A light bulb, the sun, and lighting in a dance
club have different appearances. You can use lighting properties to simulate these

Combining Multiple Light Types

Like real-world lights, you can use multiple lights to mix color. If one red and one blue
spot light are pointed at a white object, they mix to make magenta.

Each type of light has its own attributes. It may take a combination of light types to
achieve a specific effect. For example, you might want to include a dim ambient light
with a spot light to add depth or prevent total darkness where the spot light's effect
drops off.