Motion 5 - Lighting

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Lighting can be applied to a motion graphics project to enhance the depth and scope
of compositions, or it can help create realistic environments for composites.

Motion’s lighting system only works on 3D groups and their children.

To add a light to a project


Choose Object > New Light (or press Command-Shift-L).

A light object is added to the Layers list, the Timeline, and the Canvas (represented by a
wireframe icon), and the 3D Transform tool in the toolbar becomes active.

If you add a light to a project with no existing 3D groups, the following dialog appears:

If you select Keep as 2D, a light at the root level has no effect until you have at least one
root-level 3D group. By default, 3D groups and objects display the shading from lights
as soon as lights are added.

A light is activated when it is a child of the following objects:

• The project (for example, a light is at the root level of the project)

• An unflattened 3D group


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3D Compositing