Motion 5 - Walk 3D View

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Walk 3D View

The Walk 3D View tool, located in the toolbar, allows you to position the camera in 3D
space as you would in a video game, using a keyboard-and-mouse navigation method.

If you’re using a scene camera, you can also record the movement you create using the
Walk 3D View tool, by creating keyframes. For more information on keyframing, see

Keyframing Methods


Note: The Walk 3D View tool is available only when Active Camera, Camera, or Perspective
is selected from the Camera menu. For more information on the Camera menu, see

Camera Menu


To use the Walk 3D View tool


Select the Walk 3D View tool in the toolbar.


Chapter 21

3D Compositing

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Note: If the tool is not visible, press and hold the Pan or Zoom tool to open the pop-up

The pointer changes to indicate that the Walk 3D View tool is active.


Use the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, and Left Arrow keys to move the camera
in 3D space; hold down the Option key while using the arrow keys to move the camera
more slowly.

You can also drag in the Canvas to orient the camera.