Motion 5 - Viewport Layouts

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Viewport Layouts

Motion allows you to have multiple viewport windows active at the same time in the
Canvas to help animate and position objects in 3D space. A pop-up menu, located in the
status bar just above the 3D View tools, lets you choose from seven viewport layouts.

Each layout is represented by an icon in the pop-up menu:

Single: The default value, displays a single viewport window in the Canvas.

Two-up, side by side: Displays two viewport windows in the Canvas, one next to the


Two-up, top and bottom: Displays two viewport windows in the Canvas, one on top of

the other.


Chapter 21

3D Compositing

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Three-up, large window below: Displays three viewport windows, two next to each other

on top and a larger window below.

Three-up, large window right: Displays three viewport windows, two stacked on the left

side and a larger window spanning the right side.

Four-up, large window right: Displays four viewport windows, three stacked on the left

side and one larger window on the right side.

Four-up: Displays four viewport windows, all the same size.

To open multiple viewport windows in the Canvas


Choose a layout from the pop-up menu at the far-right side of the status bar.

The Canvas displays the layout you choose.

When working with multiple viewports, the last view you clicked in is the active view.
The active viewport is indicated by a yellow border. Only the active viewport displays
onscreen controls.

The lower-left view is active.

Note: The active viewport in the Canvas is not the same as the Active Camera. For more
information, see

Active Camera