Motion 5 - Group Inspector

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Group Inspector

In the Inspector, the Group pane appears when a group is the selected object. The Group
pane contains the Type parameter, a pop-up menu that allows you to switch a group
between 2D and 3D mode. A 2D group has different available parameters than a 3D

When the Type parameter is set to 3D, the Flatten and Layer Order parameters become
available. When the Flatten checkbox is selected, the elements in the 3D group are
flattened into a two-dimensional plane. When the Layer Order checkbox is selected, the
group’s children are sorted by their order in the Layers list rather than depth order (position
along the Z axis). For more information, see

Layer Order and Depth Order


When the Type parameter is set to 2D, Fixed Resolution parameters become available,
allowing you to manually define the size of a group. By default, Fixed Resolution is disabled
and the size of the group is determined by the layers in that group. For more information,

Fixing the Size of a Group


Note: When selected, Fixed Resolution crops the group to the size specified in the Fixed
Width and Fixed Height parameters, around the anchor point of the group.