Motion 5 - 3D Group Properties

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3D Group Properties

A 3D group has the following properties:

• Its children are composited in depth order (according to their position along the Z axis).

• Filters are applied to the group in view space. In other words, the filter affects the group

as if it was applied to the lens of the camera viewing the group.

Checkerboard in 3D group with Twirl filter applied from three different angles

• When lights are used, the group’s children are lit individually.

• Only a 3D group with the Flatten parameter enabled has the Crop, Drop Shadow, and

Four Corner parameters.


Chapter 21

3D Compositing

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Working with Objects Inside 2D Groups and Flattened 3D Groups

You can use the Isolate command to align the active view with the axis of a 2D group
or flattened 3D group. Doing so facilitates making adjustments to objects inside the
group. For more information on the Isolate command, see



If you cannot find an object in your project, you can locate it by resetting its Position
parameter to 0, 0, 0. This centers the object in the flat group.

When moving an object along its Z axis inside a flat group—which includes 2D groups
and flattened 3D groups—the object appears to grow larger or smaller rather than
move closer to or further away from the camera.